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Implementation of infrastructure development should be supported by the availability of quality equipment to ensure work is completed on time and good quality. PT Gaya Makmur Tractors offer special solutions for contractors with a limited budget.

One deep concern amid the euphoria of the current infrastructure development is the poor quality of the work because many contractors who operate the machines are old, which in fact is no longer productive. It impacts on the length of the process and the quality is low. As a result, many infrastructure facilities financed by the trillions of dollars was broken prematurely, even broken before use, and can be wasted.

However, do not solely blame the contractors why they use the machinery of the elderly. "The price is still expensive tool that makes them difficult financially to buy new units. Moreover, not a few projects whose value is small and short term anyway. This condition is more likely to force them to use the old machines, "said Julius Sikku, Director of Style Makmur Surabaya in Customer Gathering & Product Seminars especially for customers in the area of Bali and beyond, Wednesday (22/01/2013) at the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel, Sanur (Bali).

"It's useless if the cost of building infrastructure worth billions of dollars, but in one or two years is damaged, it must be repaired, which in turn spend more," he said.

According to Julius, Indonesia in the face two major challenges in working on various infrastructure development. The first obstacle comes from the technology. "Technology of heavy equipment / construction in Indonesia have been inadequate, still underdeveloped. There are a lot of heavy equipment kontarktor old. Age more than 10 years, even up to 20 years. It is unfortunate, "he said.

Old heavy equipment will greatly affect the productivity of the machine. Target the process may not correspond to the original target. If enforced, then the result will be ugly.

The second challenge comes from the limitations of human resources (HR). "It's useless if advanced technology, while the quality of human resources is still low. Bring a sophisticated machine, but HR is not ready, "he warned.

This problem is more serious in parts of eastern Indonesia. Julius said, the Government unrelenting build infrastructure in eastern Indonesia. However, based on his experience, human resources ready yet. The availability of operators and mechanics minimal.

"In Java, we are still easy to find operational personnel. But if in Bali and Nusa Tenggara, hard. It is the responsibility of government and stakeholders to continue to improve the human resources of heavy equipment, "he said. The region includes the market area of PT Gaya Makmur Surabaya.

Recognizing the need to maintain the quality of the infrastructure work, Julius strongly encourages contractors to use the new machines. GMT offers a special solution for contractors who have a limited budget, namely repayments only 20% of the cost. Not only that. The company also will find finance companies, both leasing and banking. GMT also provide free training for customers.

GMT sell equipment with one package, namely the product and after-sales service support (after sales service). These companies strive to provide parts and service with guarantee availability of spare parts and service are supported by personnel and mechanical parts which have a powerful ability. GMT is also complete after sales support is the presence Training Centre which is located in Jakarta headquarters to train and educate personnel-personnel that have the skills and abilities best.

complete Solutions

PT Makmur Tractors style founded on August 29, 2005 in Jakarta is a heavy equipment distributor for applications in various sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, mining, and so forth. Currently GMT holds several brands, namely Wirtgen Group, Sennebogen, Morooka, Winbull Yamaguchi, Takeuchi, XCMG and Shantui. Principal of these products are leading companies from Germany, Japan and China.

GMT is the sole distributordari German Wirtgen Group, a manufacturer of heavy equipment for road construction, with brands Wirtgen, Vogele and HAMM. Other German products are Sennebogen that the heavy equipment of various types of cranes and material handling.

GMT also markets heavy equipment products Japan and China. Japanese product, brand Takeuchi mini excavator, mini excavator is a product that was first produced in the world, is ideal for operation in narrow work areas, such as the roadside repair or plantations. Another Japanese products Morooka Crawler Dumper which is Rubber and Winbull Yamaguchi which is the Mini Tracked dumpers.

Chinese products, brand XCMG (Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group) is the various types of cranes including Tower Crane, Motor Graders, Wheel Loaders and Rotary Drilling Rig, and so forth. While the brand Shantui is Bulldozer, Wheel Loaders and Forklifts. GMT also has a brand Keihatsu excavator product that has been tested and robust in operation in the field.

Source: Equipment Indonesia, February 2014

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