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In a 2013 exhibition of Indonesian Mining and Building Infrastructure, 2013, GM Tractors presenting various kinds of heavy equipment for the construction sector (especially road works), plantations, forestry, mining and others, with the support of a guaranteed product support and after sales service best.

Indonesian Mining exhibition in 2013 and the Building & Infrastructure 2013 this time, judging from the number of exhibitors was quite a lot followed by large corporations and was quite festive. The visitors who attended this event, generally a business people in related sectors. However, unfortunately the timing was less support from the business side, because the atmosphere occurs lethargy as a result of weak market the exchange rate that occurred in the last few weeks.

"The visitors were present tend only to up date information only. Meanwhile, for the procurement of equipment generally they still be waiting, and tend to want to see the products in-display during the exhibition. Even if there is a transaction, a follow-up of commitments that occurred prior to the exhibition, "he disclosed Hermansjah Herrera, Marketing Director of PT Gaya Makmur Tractors, Construction Techno when met on the sidelines of the exhibition booth in the outdoor area of GM Tractors JI Expo Kemayoran.

In the exhibition of products of heavy equipment for mining and construction / infrastructure this time, GM Tractors in addition to presenting products for road construction heavy equipment from the Wirtgen Group Germany, as the sole distributor of various manufacturers of heavy equipment from China, also featuring a variety of heavy equipment of the country "bamboo curtain" is. Among others: the bulldozer of Shandong ShantuiConstruction Machinery (Shantui), various types of cranes, motor graders, wheel loaders of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG) and excavators Keihatsu in Indonesia.

"Although difficult to achieve marketing targets, but through this exhibition, at least to instill brand image and show the existence of heavy equipment products marketed by GM Tractors, and can convince the prospective potential buyers in the field of marketing," said Herrera.

About targeted marketing, Herry said for years that it is more focused on the infrastructure sector as well as oil & gas, in addition to other sectors such as agriculture and mining. Currently in both sectors, both infrastructure and oil and gas continues to grow, so the GM Tractors more focus to work on the market sector, to achieve the target of marketing that has been set. "Hopefully from participation in this event many business prospects that could be followed up after the exhibition," he hoped.

To provide input to the event organizers, so that the exhibition could be better in the future, then Herrera suggested that the visit of the exhibition can be extended until quite late so that the visitors can attend the exhibition after office hours. And implementation time can be longer, more than a week, for example. In addition, cooperation with the exhibitors also need to be increased, so that the next exhibition could be better.

Source: Techno Construction Magazine Issue 66 Year VI October 2013

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