W 100 H

High milling performance in the one-metre class at a working width of 1,0 m.

Loading of the milled material into large trucks is possible with the optional rear loading conveyor

Wheel-mounted machine allows quick and flexible relocation between job sites

State-of-the-art machine control also with optional LEVEL PRO levelling system

Simple, robust machine operation

Key Figures:

Model W 100 H
Milling Width 1000 mm
Milling Depth 0 mm - 200 mm
Engine Power 155 kW / 211 PS
Emission Standards EU Stage 3a / US Tier 3, CN Stage 3
Operating Weight, CE* 12.900 kg
Number of Wheels 4

[*]  Weight of machine with half-full water tank, half full fuel tank, driver (75 kg) and tools


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