Super 1603-3

Innovative paver technology is not a matter of size. Take the wheeled VOGELE SUPER 1603-3 as an excellent example. As a member of the „dash-3“ paver family, the machine gives a totally new definition of the technology nowadays found in pavers of the compact equipment class. Among its true highlights is ErgoPlus®, the VOGELE concept for paver handling. Thanks to ErgoPlus®, operators have never had it so good in terms of simplicity and ease of operation. Operators enjoy a modern workplace of ergonomic design leaving nothing to be desired.

Its compact size confers upon the wheeled SUPER 1603-3 high mobility, thus opening up a wide range of most varied paving applications. SUPER 1603-3 can be combined with a screed featuring the full package of VOGELE high compaction technology to achieve excellent levels of density.

Key Figures:

Engine Power 116 kW / 2000 rpm
Ground Contact 2410 mm x 305 mm
Hooper Capacity 13 t
Working Width 2.55m - 7 m
Working Thickness Up to 30
Weight 17.5 t

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