Through our constant innovation and improvement, QY50K truck crane is ahead of the domestic industry by its “environment protection, safety, reliability, and the advanced”, and catches up with the international advanced technique. The product integrates the advanced design and manufacturing techniques at home and abroad. 27 exclusive core techniques achieve the national patent. The machine adopts the full-head luxury cab, integral operating cab with large view, fully covered walking plate, four-axle automobile chassis, five-segment retractable boom, oval section, single-cylinder front-support luffing, two-segment truss jib, double H outrigger and attached with the front 5th outrigger which can realize 360° full swing lifting work, and pilot hydraulic proportional control technique. The machine has strong lifting performance, and is easy and flexible to operate.

Key Figures:

Specification :

Overall length

13050 mm

Overall width

2800 mm

Overall height

3430 mm

Total weight in travel

40400 Kg

Front axle load

14500 Kg

Rear axle load

25900 Kg

Engine model

WD615.334 (domestic III

Engine rated power 247/2200 kW/(r/min)
Engine rated torque 1350/1400 N.m/(r/min)
Max. travel speed 75 Km/h
Min. turning diameter 24  m
Min. ground clearance 285 mm
Approach angle 16°
Departure angle 11°
Max. grade ability 46%
Fuel consumption for 100km 42 L
Max. rated total lifting capacity 50  t
Min. rated working radius 3000 mm
Turning radius at turntable tail 3.482 m
Max. lifting torque 1764 kN.m
Base boom 10.7 m
Fully extended boom 41 m
Fully extended boom+jib 56 m
Longitudinal outrigger span 5.65 m
Lateral outrigger span : 6.6 m
Boom luffing time 88 s
Boom full extension time : 180 s
Max. swing speed ≥2.0 r/min
Max. speed of main winch (single rope) : ≥110 m/min
Max. speed of aux. winch (single rope) ≥110 m/min

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