- Dual-pump combined technology, hydraulic flow expanding steering, and single-handle guide control, flexible and convenient.

- The steering limit is dual limits of hydraulic control and mechanical control.The hydraulic control limit is prior to the mechanical limit, reducing the impact.

- Fully hydraulic wet brake, low pressure protection, combination of emergy brake and parking brake, ensuring the safe traveling.

Key Figures:

Specification :

Rated bucket capacity


Rated load

8000 kg

Operating weight

28500 kg

Dumping distance

1104 mm

Min. clearance

480 mm

Max. traction

245 kN

Max.drawing force

260 kN

Boom lifting time 6.9 s
Total time of three devices 11.8 s
Engine Model QSM11-C335
Type Electrical injection, turbo charging, air-air intercooling
Rated power 250 kW
Rated rotary speed 2100 r/min
Travel speed Forward/Backward I Gear 7/7 km/h
Travel speed Forward/Backward II Gear 11.5/11.5 km/h
Travel speed Forward/Backward III Gear  24.5/24.5 km/h
Travel speed Forward IV Gear 35.5 km/h
Tyre model 29.5-25-22PR

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